Tips for longer lasting flowers!

How can I make my flowers last longer?

Preserving the lustrous beauty of your fresh flowers is a simple process. Check the water level regularly making sure there is ample water, higher than any flower foam that might be present. Change the water entirely every couple of days, making sure you thoroughly rinse out the vase. Upon adding fresh water use the appropriate amount of flower food. Commercial flower food, usually provided with your fresh flowers, preserves the beauty of your flowers and promotes more buds into blossoms. Do not add extra flower food because in excess it can damage your flowers.

Every other day remove your flowers from their vase and with a very sharp knife, trim one inch off from the bottom of the stem, cutting at an angle. Stems cut at an angle are able to absorb more water and maintain their beauty and health longer. Do not use a blunt knife or scissors that will smash the stems as this bruising will damage the flowers. In order to preserve the original floral design of your fresh flower arrangement, tie a ribbon around the stems beneath the blossoms before removing the flowers from their vase. Untie the ribbon after cutting and returning the flowers.

To keep flowers fresh, store them in a cool spot out of direct sunlight and away from any breezes coming from open windows or fans. Sixty-four to seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature at which to keep your fresh flower arrangement. Be aware of the heat dispelled by appliances such as televisions or refrigerators that might damage your flower bouquet.

Following these easy guidelines will prolong the luminous beauty of your fresh flowers. While beautiful cut flowers cannot last forever, these simple instructions will allow you to enjoy the radiance of your flowers for a long time.