Our Storefront



Wendy Furgeson Kuebler started working in local flower shops in 1987. Doing everything from delivery, cleaning and prepping flowers, floral designing to later managing.

The spring of 1995, Wendy a new stay at home mom with her son Skyler, was encouraged by her dad Roger Furgeson to open her own flower shop. Looking into several existing buildings they decided on the one in Kegomic. Wendy named the store Flowers From Kegomic in honor of the rich Kegomic history. Signing papers on May 19,1995 they began working around the clock gutting the whole building. They remodeled and opened exactly one month later on June 19,1995. Flowers From Kegomic is the longest lasting business in this location.

Wendy is proud of the business she has created and continues to work hard for her customers.